TEDxSFU: Mosaic brings together a collective of stories, thoughts, and concepts into a space where we celebrate ideas worth spreading. The concept of the identity is “pieces coming together”.

I was a Co-creative director. I was responsible for the creative work for different platforms. I led and directed design and production team of 1 web developer, 1 animator, 1 videographer, 1 graphic designer for TEDxSFU 2019 project.

Creative Director


Website link: https://tedxsfu.com/index.html


With the help of co-creative director in the beginning of the ideation process of the event, I and Alfred Zhang were inspired from the design thinking process.

Author/Copyright holder: Teo Yu Siang and Interaction Design Foundation. Copyright terms and licence: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

After deciding the name of the theme was “Mosaic”, I conducted different questions to understand what other team members thought about the theme. We used post-it notes through our user research

“What do you think about ‘Mosaic’?”
“What does ‘Mosaic’ mean to you?”

I accumulated the information I gathered during the Empathize stage. I combined the ideas “pieces coming together” with the letter M and tested various monograms. The colour identity of our final design was inspired of Casa da Musica logo by Stefan Sagmeister. We tested our logos in various form to avoid any assumptions of a book or an actual letter M.


After that, I created different design assets in Figma to use it for social media posts and other marketing/creative collaterals. The design attracted views and likes via Instagram and Facebook.

Marketing results after launching our campaign

Compared to previous TEDx events, I was able to successfully integrate creative team with marketing team by implementing the Geo-filter Snapchat, Facebook Profile Frame, and Instagram GIFs in this year’s event. This accomplishment generated an exciting attendee’s experience coming to the event. it raised awareness about the event and helped promoting it.

My designs appeared in the Front of House and the main screen at Vancouver Playhouse

As the Creative director, I worked with the printing house to print out lanyards, t-shirts, and swags on time.

Major challenges

In regards to ticket sales during the last sprint of our event, Marketing team wanted to promote extensively the event, including extra amounts of videos and graphics. Due to limited numbers of people in the creative team, I had to use different online sources to produce free advertising videos and graphics to meet the deadlines.

Also while working with the printing house, we ran into technical difficulties in sending files, which led to a messed up design file in the printing house’s end. I immediately called to the printing house to fix the design and the file to be able to receive our orders on the day of the event.


In the first 3 months preparing for the project, I was hired as the creative coordinator. After that, I was promoted as the creative director and I wasn’t expected to spend a lot of my time dedicating to the event. I learned how to manage people with different expertise in our team and schedule our time to meet deadlines (graphics, videos, website) while maintaining the quality of our design. It was difficult for me to balance my time studying at school, working part-time, participating #MadebySFU2019 competition, and volunteering with TEDxSFU.

Thank you to our TEDxSFU2019 team and our Creative Team
Co-creative director: Alfred Zhang
Graphic designer: Roxanne Shih
Web Developer: Sofia Bautista
Animator: Stephen Therriault
Videographer: Carl Dai